Whats going on? Latest Webmailor News

First I am sorry for the long time without updates, I was back in Germany and got really busy there.

After articles published on Noonsite and Windpilot Blog about Webmailor, I got busy answering messages and fixing bugs.
By end of August I get more time working on Features and Bugfixes, sorry for the delay.

Here is a list of Bugfixes already released during the last weeks:

  • Some Website URL’s were not recognized correctly by the system so users got no reply on Website requests
  • When a PDF link was inserted, user got multiple Mails with an error message that PDF’s are not supported
  • Some more complex websites where not fully returned as text

I am still working on the following Bugfixes:

  • If a SSB Service is used, the max payload is 5kb per message. I am on to split requests into multiple Files for SSB users.
  • Sometimes the preferred language for Google requests set in User Profile is not working for FR and ES users

I appreciate your feedback and support! If you have any questions or problems please feel free to contact me.

Fair winds,

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