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You don’t need to wait for Starlink or buy an expensive Satellite Plan. The solution comes with Webmailor and your E-Mail Account

Most remote places have no or only a slow internet connection. But as long as you can send and receive E-Mails (e.g. via IridiumGo), you can access the internet with Webmailor. Use your E-Mail account* (Satellite Accounts like Iridium Mail working perfectly) and search Google, get Websites as Text, or the latest News from your favorite publisher (coming soon). No matter if you are thousand miles out on sea, or in a Camper in the middle of nowhere – you are just one E-Mail away from the internet.

*You must have a connection to send Mails. Either Cellular data, Wifi, or satellite Service (like IridiumGO) to use this service. I did not provide this connection.


The main difference between the options is the number of requests you can do per month. For most users the Standard option works fine. If you plan longer journeys like crossings or remote areas, the Relax option is the way to go. If you have special requests please feel free to contact me.

Whats the difference to XWeb & XGate App?

XGate & XWeb compresses (minimize) the Website size so you have less data to download which is more suitable for a slow Satellite connection. I would love to say that it is working great (the developers did a great job!), however it is sadly not. The main problem is that you still need to load all the compressed data from a website and in my experience (and these of many people I met), it’s not working for 90% of the Websites via a slow sloppy connection (like you mostly have with low budget satellite plans liek iridiumGo). And depending on your data plan you still have to pay a lot for some internet browsing. For example an Website with 1,2MB can be compressed down to ~250kb (click here for full references), but have you tried to download 250kb via IridiumGo or any other slow satellite connection? It takes ages (or to be more precise around 17min if your connection is stable). Check the table below to have a direct comparison.

With Webmailor you don’t have to browse through Websites and the Google Search page, it will do all the work for you and just returns what you are interested in – the content. You don’t have any Website loading times, neither struggle with Privacy Policy Popups or 3rd party dependencies. And it is independent from any Service Provider – you can use it with any Mail Client & Internet connection available. Furthermore you don’t have to install an App or configure any settings on your Phone/Tablet/Laptop/Computer.

Easy, fast, reliable – that’s Webmailor.

Software RequirementWindows/Mac/ Android/iOSXGate or Iridium Mail & Web AppWorks with any Mail client on any Operating System
Android/iOS compatibility✔️Not working with Android 10 or iOS 14.4 and higher Versions✔️
Airtime ProviderIndependentIndependentIndependent
Works with Satellite Data Plan✔️✔️✔️
Works with any Wifi✔️✔️
Works with Cellular Data✔️✔️
Average time to get Google Search Result page (~98kb compressed)*~7min~7min~1min
Data used to load/get Google Search Result*~98kb~98kb~18kb
Average time to get Website Text (~220kb compressed)*~14min~14min~2min
Data used to load/get a average Website*~220kb~220kb~32kb
Monthly Costsstarting from $20freeFree for now! I try to keep it free as long as possible.
*Based on an average Download speed of 15 KBytes/min (Source: IridiumGo Datasheet)

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